About Us

Windows R Us was created out of the need for a responsible, competent and complete contractor to supply homeowners in the valley with great quality products, highly skilled craftsman at prices that don't break your wallet or purse and leave your sanity in-tacked at the end of the job.


Windows R Us is owned and operated by the Creegan Family and yes we are the same folks from The Creegan Company that many around the Ohio Valley remember from their childhoods. The Creegan Animation Factory and the Christmas Corner in downtown Steubenville. 

Hi, I am Sean Creegan son to George and Joann Creegan. I spent 30 years in the business with my family and worked as an animation and robotics designer and builder for the animated seasonal displays that are in some cases still in use today. My parents spent years building the business and their reputation in the valley and across the United States and the world. This reputation means a great deal to me and my sons that own and operate Windows R Us. This is why we work hard at Windows R Us to keep and continue to grow our family's reputation by giving our customers the best products, service and prices possible. Let's face it, you can buy a lot of the products we sell from a variety of suppliers. The things you can't buy are the service and commitment that comes with buying these products and services from the Creegan Family at Windows R Us. We work hard everyday and will continue to work hard at this because of the commitment to you the people of the Ohio Valley and to our family's reputation. 

Now let me explain a little about why I got into this business in the first place. In 2001 I purchased a home here in Steubenville Ohio by 2006 it was very apparent that my home was in need of some TLC. Windows being the biggest problem that needed addressed. I started calling local contractors and suppliers for pricing. After phone call after phone call it was becoming obvious getting a fair price and a responsible contractor was going to be a real problem. Either the pricing was ridiculously high or the contractors would not show up for the scheduled appointments just to get an estimate. Well if they couldn't show up to give you estimates I really didn't want them working on my home. What amazed me more was they didn't call or even respond to phone calls after setting up the appointments with my wife and I. Now most of us folks here in the Ohio Valley need to work for our living. Taking time off from work for these appointments with someone that you are going to trust with your money and home should at least give you a call if they are going to be late or not be able to make it at all, don't you think. Well after two years of trying to get windows for our home with no success and great frustration I made the statement to my wife, "If it is this hard just to find a contractor for windows in this area there must be one heck of a market out there for a responsible and committed contractor. After doing a great amount of research and meeting with many window manufacturers Windows R Us was born. Of course my wife thought I was crazy, and she still does at times but with the blessing of the people of the Ohio Valley and continued hard work Windows R Us continues to grow and grow every year. In the contracting business reputation can be everything. Obtaining the trust of the people of the Ohio Valley and growing and preserving the reputation started by my family will always be the top driving reasons why my sons and I will continue to give our customers the best products, service and prices possible. 

Windows R Us has been voted year after year to be "The Best of The Best" by the homeowners of the Ohio Valley and we sincerely thank you for it. 

Sean R Creegan
Windows R Us a Creegan Family Business