Welcome To A TRUE Lifetime Warranty.

Pay For Replacement Windows Once…And Then Never Worry About Them Again. 

Many companies say they have a lifetime warranty. But the problem is that companies define “lifetime” in different ways.

For example, sometimes certain parts of the window are covered for a lifetime, but others parts aren’t. In some circumstances workmanship is covered, but not in other situations. Also, many times these supposedly lifetime warranties are heavily pro-rated. The percentage that will be paid on a claim gets reduced as time goes on.

We’re different. When we say lifetime warranty, we mean Lifetime Warranty.

  • Workmanship problem? That’s covered for a lifetime.
  • Defective product? Also fully covered for as long as you’re in your home.
  • Seal Failure? Mechanical Failure? Yes and Yes – lifetime coverage.
  • The vinyl is also warranted not to blister, peel, rot, corrode, fade, or chalk.
  • Glass breakage? Yes – even that is covered for a lifetime.

Three Other Things To Know

  • This warranty is transferable to the next owner of your home.
  • This warranty is super simple without the fine print and loopholes you see in other warranties.
  • Labor is included. Some window companies honor a manufacturer’s warranty, but still charge you for the cost of the labor to fix the problem. We don’t do that – with us the labor is free, too.